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Never give up on something you really want. It's difficult to wait but it's more difficult to regret.~

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I reblog things that make me happy and make people believe in fairies and happy endings. I like to read books which takes me to another world and fall in love with a fictional character. Sweets makes me extremely satisfied. Thank you for viewing my blog, I hope this could make you smile!~
In a World Full of Strangers..: No distance is too far. No time is too long.


hi tumblr beybe!:) i wasn’t able to post my first day of school this second semester because it’s my worst first day so far :| good for me, I’m adjusting now ;)

First day of school— as always, I and my boyfiee went to school together. We waited for each other at our town’s red ribbon. As usual,…


hi! first post for this SemBreak :) of course, my feature is HIM! my baby ♥

it’s already 2:21am and I’m still up..i’m quite sleepy now but before going to bed, just wanna spill thoughts about one of the most important person in my life^^

I met him in our school.He’s my classmate:)

First Impression: cool guy, knowledgeable, talented, boastful though kind and gentleman, close with girls made me think he’s undefined xD , jolly and talkative, mysterious.

we became friends and we belong to the same peer group—DUDES ^_^ it all started here! we live in the same city so we always go home together with our close friends..we just enjoyed each other’s company didn’t even realized it will grow .. .. .. and BOOM! we’re inlove with each other ♥ (I will not tell the whole ‘kakakilig’ moments we have from the start but I didn’t forget it and I will not..everytime I think about it, I was like inlove for the first time again ^^)

I’m just so thankful for having him in my life.. I know that he knows how much I love him. We’ve been through ups and downs…many times but how could I let go of a MAN who means so much to me..who knows me well, all my negative sides and flaws about me, yet chooses to be with me..to stay with me :”“>

He’s my everything..my bestfriend, ‘ama’ (I used to call him this when he’s having sermons with me), brother, teacher, coach, boss, my lil bro, my baby ♥

I know it’s early to say this…but YES, he’s all I ever wanted..I wanted to be with HIM for a LIFETIME :”> he’s not a perfect guy that you may think of, he can be worse at his boiling point..but being with him makes me perfect..makes every moment of my life perfect:)

iloveyou baby!:*

Thankyou Papa God for giving me him♥ iloveyoumost!

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